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Your Independent Guide To Teaching English in Korea

Written by real people teaching English in Korea, this is your unbiased guide to The Land of the Morning Calm

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Everything from where you can teach to what kind of salaries to expect. This is your one-stop information resource on teaching in Korea!Learn More

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Find out what life is like in the country that spawned ‘Gangnam Style’ Check out the food, drink, culture and other living in Korea advice! Learn More

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Teachers In Korea Say

How can I describe  teaching in Korea? Imagine all of your friends living within a block of your apartment, you only work 6 hours a day and you’re all rich!
Janna MacInnis, Taught in Ulsan
Teaching in Korea was my first graduate job and I absolutely loved it. It was the perfect way to make new friends, see the world and a great change from being a poor student.
Jason Irish, Taught in Pohang
Teaching English in Korea was a HUGE life change for me and it was really different from anything else I’d ever experienced – the kids were great, I made some great friends and I now have a crazy addiction to Korean food
Steven Evey, Taught in Bundang
I was working as a buyer for a large Canadian supermarket before moving to Korea with my partner. Let’s put it this way – I have no plans to go back home!
Andrea Mceldrey, Taught in Incheon
After finishing my international relations degree I needed a way to get work experience overseas. I chose South Korea as it let me pay off some of my loans whilst letting me travel.
Cara Wheatly, Taught in Boseong